Eerie Review Netflix | Erie on Netflix Is a Terrifying Philippine Horror Film

Eerie Netflix Review

Eerie Review Netflix:Erie on Netflix Is a Terrifying Philippine Horror Film About Creepy Ghost Girls

Eerie Review Netflix: Wanting to see something really exciting in the horror genre, I recently tried the Filipino drama-crime horror film Eerie on Netflix.
The 100-minute film talks about a girl named Erica's suicide at St. Lucia Academy for Girls. A suicide leads to more deaths and the school's guidance counselor, Pat Consolion, is trying to solve the mystery by contacting Erica's spirit. When she digs deep, a terrible and disturbing truth is waiting to be revealed. But at what cost?
The screenplay of Mikhail Red, Rai Red and Maria Rodica test your patience for a long time. While it focuses on build-up, there are very few scary moments to satisfy your craving for fear. However, absorbing the setup, the dark and terrifying atmosphere, the background score, and the fine performances serve to attract you in some way. Now, if you can survive the first 60–75 minutes of the film, what happens next and the climax proves to be worth the wait. However, you need to have the right expectations here.
Don't expect that the film will leave you with fear in the end. Just expect a good horror film with a climax that will surprise and annoy you. The film is titled Eerie for a reason and it will surprise you.
Pat Consolion as Beat Alonzo has done a good job and you stick to your character with his performance. Charo Santos-Concio as Mother Alice is very good. Gillian Vicenko as Erika is Spooky. Others have also given good support. Mikhail Red's direction is good, although it could not be better. Mayko David's cinematography and Mayka Magsaysay's BG score are the strongest factors.
Overall, Eerie is watchable for its last 20-30 minutes. Give it a try if you’ve already watched everything good on Netflix

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