Mission Mangal Movie Review | Akshay Kumar’s Film Got So Many Stars

Mission Mangal Movie Review

Mission Mangal Film Review starring Akshay Kumar, this film has the story of Mars Mangalyaan sent to Mars.

Mission Mangal Movie Review:Whenever a person achieves some extraordinary achievement by fighting troubles, he is obviously an inspiration for the society! When this achievement becomes a national achievement, then it creates a pride in the mind of every Indian.
Indian cinema has been telling the stories of some such extraordinary heroes, whose achievements give a direction to society, humanity and the country and provide a new source of inspiration. One such extraordinary story is that of Mission Mars.
This is the story of Rakesh Dhawan, who is a scientist in ISRO. Rakesh is given the task of sending rockets under GSLV C39 project but the mission fails. In this case, he is transferred to Mission Mars Department, which has been closed for many years. There he meets another scientist Tara Shinde (Vidya Balan), Tara has also been in this department for quite some time. 1 day suddenly Tara gets the idea of ​​sending rockets in intervals based on home science. How this mission is accomplished despite resistance. How is it made? Mission Mars based on how the vehicle is sent.
It is worth noting that this was a mission which the world was surprised to see because it has been the cheapest and successful campaign in the space world, director Jagan Shakti has molded this story in a very beautiful screen play. All the characters at his behest They appear on the screen with full grip. If only special effects and computer graphics were done in the film, it would have been better. Visions of space show weakness. Talking about acting, Akshay Kumar in the character of Rakesh Dhawan is fully formed and through his dialogues, he makes the audience smile.
Bidya Balan has also performed very beautifully in the character of Tara Shinde. Sonakshi Sinha suits Eka Gandhi’s character. Although Taapsee Pannu did not get a lot of work, as much as his share has been fulfilled honestly. In addition, senior actors like Vikram Gokhale Dilip Tahil lend more credibility to the film.

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